Scenic Fabrication

Scenic Fabrication

The backbone of Alice Scenic Studios consists of experienced and skilled technicians, craftsmen, and artisans. Our experienced leaders are fully equipped to lead any project in successful fabrication and installation. Our production facility houses are working on woodworking, plastics, metal, paint, scenic, graphics, AV, molding, polyurethane, and digital art. Alice Scenic has ample space for manufacturing, prototyping, viewing, storing, and shipping displays. We do two different fabrications in our facilities. Our Scenic Facility consists of a talented group of in-house artists has experience creating exhibits and environments for museums, zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, resorts, and tv studios. Using a wide variety of materials and working from reference images, renderings, or artifacts — the team can bring to life anything our clients can imagine. Our Molding and Polyurethane Facility, we do Product Design & Prototyping, Polyurethane Casting, Polyester Casting, FRP Casting, Model Making, and CNC Milling. Alice Scenic Studio offers comprehensive design and production solutions for a wide range of sectors, including automotive, aerospace, medical and healthcare, as well as the entertainment industry.

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In order to meet customers’ needs and demands, we do our research and development work together with our sculptors, painters, architects, engineers, graphic designers and expert technical teams. During the design phase, we provide services including master planning, concept design, visual concepts, game unit theming, architectural design, and character design. Throughout the process, we determine the history and specific needs of the project, examining all elements from the land and scope to budget sensitivities.


Our experienced architecture and engineering teams prepare technical infrastructure of the production by visualizing our inspired designs; followed by the operations and building teams who realize the project based on all specifications.


Alice Scenic Studios’s professional teams have the experience to construct complex projects. Each project created by Alice Scenic Studios reflects the best storytelling, operations, attractions, economics, and real-life factors and elements…